Incorporating Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors into your Kitchen Cabinet Paint Ideas

You may find yourself eyeing kitchen cabinet paint colors. The cabinet paint ideas available today are vast. There sure are lots of choices within the color palette with the recent kitchen cabinet trends of adding distressed colored finishes.. or if you prefer to glaze kitchen cabinets this feature is growing to be a popular accent on kitchen cabinets.

Color is one of the most commonly used, yet least recognized of the decorating tools. However many are afraid to use bold colors in cabinet paint ideas or worse they're afraid to incorporate two different kitchen cabinet paint colors into their kitchen decor. If that describes you...chill out and don't fear it embrace it! Begin slowly by browsing some of the pictures of painted kitchen cabinets on the pages of this site. In the images focus on the kitchen cabinet. Kitchen cabinet painting ideas begin to set the tone for the personality of the homeowner don't they? Kitchen cabinet paint colors have the ability to evoke a mood. Using white kitchen cabinets and cool blue kitchen cabinet knobs and accessories tends to relax and calm us. While deep reds and black kitchen cabinets represent warmth. Bright colors which are common in contemporary kitchen cabinetry invigorate and activate the senses; as in a bright chili pepper red or bright teal blue acrylic cabinets. Here are some other cabinet paint ideas.

Using two or more kitchen cabinet paint colors on cabinets adds a degree of warmth that cannot be matched with cabinet hardware and kitchen accessories. This warmth reflects the appearance of a casual family room. It also helps to tone down the high tech look of stainless steel appliances which are so popular today. If you still are unsure of outfitting your entire kitchen in distressed deep red kitchen cabinets go low key. Try adding color as an accent on cabinet door trim or strategically placed only on cabinet crown molding bordering cabinet trim.

For those who are considering taking the plunge with kitchen cabinet paint colors here are some tips for planning:

1) Don't use more than three different colors; one, two or even up to three are fine if you are comfortable with that many but stop there with your cabinet paint ideas.

2) Do apply the different colors in unequal amounts throughout kitchen surfaces so that the eye is not drawn to one dominant color.

3) If your kitchen space is rather small, stick with light colors on kitchen cabinets and walls because they have a tendency to expand a room. The opposite is true for a large kitchen space. Incorporate some dark or bold colors on the walls and cabinets to draw the walls and high ceilings in. Usually it's best to stay away from bold patterns in a small kitchen unless it is in the flooring and the design elongates the room. To recap: small kitchens require light kitchen cabinet paint colors, large kitchens should incorporate dark kitchen cabinet paint ideas.

Think you've found a color you can live with? To double check, paint this color on a large poster board or a section of paper. Hang the dried sample in a prominent place within the kitchen for a week. Examine the color during the morning and evening to determine if you still like the shade enough to go permanent. You can perform this test on all your kitchen cabinet accessories to make sure everything has the look you've intended before committing permanently. Cabinet paint colors can definitely transform a dull and boring kitchen into a vibrant kitchen design that is visually appealing to the eye. If you are looking for more cabinet paint ideas please click this link to learn about painting kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors