Choosing Kitchen Cabinets & Cabinet Decorative Hardware Kitchen Options

Need help with choosing kitchen cabinets so they fit with your kitchen cabinet decor? Are you looking for kitchen cabinet design ideas but are overwhelmed by the selection and don't know where to begin? Here are some kitchen cabinet ideas to get you going.

Choosing Kitchen Cabinets to Fit your Specific Taste

Look around your home to pick up clues of the era of your home as well as your tastes. Making a choice in kitchen cabinets should be an extension of the flavor of the rest of your home as well as your kitchen cabinet decor.

If you're thinking of beautiful country kitchen cabinets because your home has a country or outdoorsy theme you may wish to go with the rustic kitchen cabinet style. Knotty pine kitchen cabinets or even unfinished pine kitchen cabinets would look great with classic rustic kitchen cabinet hardware. You could go with the ever popular leaf cabinet hardware or twig cabinet hardware.

Looking to be really authentic and have a log home retreat or hunters cabin? There's antler cabinet hardware, wetland file cabinet hardware,moose cabinet hardware, bucksnort cabinet hardware and there's even a lodge cabinet hardware category.

Outdoor theme cabinet hardware

Perhaps pine is a little too 'rough' looking for you, a compromise may be choosing the classic shaker style cabinets which never go out of style. Shaker style cabinets are the most basic and recognized cabinet style because they have no trim or adornments. Another similar option is mission style kitchen cabinets. Both of these styles look great in any theme of home and are the chameleons of kitchen cabinet decor because they fare well in kitchens with any style,color or texture. Mission cabinets blend well with simple porcelain cabinet hardware or even ceramic kitchen cabinet hardware which mimics the look of old wash basins from years ago.

Kitchen Cabinet Decor

French country kitchen cabinets are also very casual and have an old world flavor to them that also blends well with any style home. European kitchen cabinet hardware, birdcage cabinet hardware or even french country cabinet hardware pair well this when choosing kitchen cabinets.

The Colonial style is currently the most popular style when choosing kitchen cabinets. Some of the design features of Colonial kitchen cabinets are it's handcrafted look with raised panel doors as well as visible pegs and dowels showing up on the cabinet door front. The colonial bronze cabinet hardware is a best bet with the Colonial kitchen cabinet. Hardware choices also include forged iron cabinet hardware as well as wrought iron cabinet hardware. The sheer strength and heaviness of kitchen cabinet hardware iron is what makes the colonial cabinet style distinctive.

With the simpler styles of kitchen cabinet decor such as colonial or mission doors, the mission style kitchen cabinets look great with mission style cabinet hardware. Cabinet hardware mission style: oil rubbed bronze cabinet hardware which has become so popular today that you can even find the trendy widespread kitchen faucets to identically match your oil rubbed bronze cabinet hardware. How's that for those who are trying to coordinate colors and materials in their kitchen cabinet decor? Perhaps you're tired of the handcrafted or country look and wish to flaunt your creativity with stylish contemporary kitchen cabinetry. When choosing kitchen cabinets you would appreciate contemporary kitchen cabinetry if you have a modern or industrial look throughout your home.

Often contemporary kitchen cabinetry is marked by unusual bright, bold accent colors throughout the kitchen or even on the cabinets themselves and modern cabinet hardware in the style of arts,crafts cabinet. Hardware is also unique in the arts and crafts style kitchen. Kitchen cabinet hardware contemporary style can be fashioned from any substance or element you can think of: glass cabinet hardware, novelty cabinet hardware,zinc alloy cabinet hardware.

Themed Cabinet Decorative Hardware

For a walk on the wild side why not try acrylic kitchen cabinets in a high gloss shade of chili pepper red or bright teal blue? These Art Deco kitchen cabinets look best with very few kitchen accessories or clear a accessories such as glass cabinet door hardware. The contemporary trend of an arts and crafts style kitchen favors organic elements and projects clean lines such as a stainless steel island, countertops and industrial cabinet hardware or stainless steel kitchen cabinet hardware. When choosing kitchen cabinets, remember the basic KISS acrostic? For the decorating challenged...which is most of us, creating an eclectic kitchen cabinet design is difficult to pull off when mixing different styles and textures. That is unless you already have design experience or have a close friend who is an expert. The best bet when going with contemporary kitchen cabinetry is to stick to one style. Maybe you are on a tight budget, have experience in carpentry and are interested in do it yourself kitchen cabinets? You can buy kitchen cabinets online in many of the styles mention above through warehouse type facilities for substantially less than those found in home centers. The great part about this is that unfinished kitchen cabinetry is high in quality with prices that are reasonable. Cabinet hardware can be purchased online as well at a considerable savings. Choosing kitchen cabinets that are in pieces and ready to ship are very reasonable. Knock down or unassembled kitchen cabinets are a handyman's dream and come in boxes with precut boards you assemble yourself for a drastic savings. Below is a link to an online superstore which has great deals on high quality stock kitchen cabinets in multiple finishes and styles.

Choosing Kitchen Cabinets online

The most commonly purchased type of discounted kitchen cabinets are modular kitchen cabinets or preassembled factory direct kitchen cabinets. These ready made kitchen cabinets are inexpensive alternatives to custom built kitchen cabinetry. To assure quality, make sure these discount wood kitchen cabinets have real wood kitchen cabinet door fronts and faces. Here is a source that has solid wood cabinetry at wholesale prices.

If discount stock kitchen cabinets are not your style you may prefer premium kitchen cabinetry. Choosing custom kitchen cabinets will offer an unlimited variety of styles, shapes, kitchen cabinet wood species and kitchen cabinet paint colors as well as finishes in this line of cabinetry. Custom kitchen cabinets don't require filler strips like stock or semi-custom kitchen cabinets, however the prices are about 25% more than semi-custom for custom cabinetry. When choosing kitchen cabinets in this category you will find they are often elaborately designed with elements such as cutlery inserts within drawers to custom fit your kitchen cooking utensils or knives. Also they are often outfitted with custom kitchen cabinet crown molding, stacked molding with accent colors that pick up other colors in the kitchen, top kitchen cabinets or base kitchen cabinet wine storage racks. Decorative adornments may include corbels, pilasters, Reed legs, mullion or kitchen cabinet glass doors with back lighting as well as decorative kitchen cabinet overlays. Other custom features in decorative kitchen base cabinets include: dishwasher base cabinet panels as well as panels for a wall oven base cabinet and split leg turnings on the corners of free standing kitchen cabinets are all common features of this category of premium cabinetry. Custom Kitchen cabinets usually are available 8-16 weeks after your order is placed.

If the kitchen cabinet design embellishments noted above are not important to you and choosing kitchen cabinets within a budget is you will want want to stick to stock discounted kitchen cabinets. Installing kitchen cabinets yourself or hiring a carpenter to do the work for you can also be a financially wise choice.