Custom Furniture and Kitchen Cabinetry: Cozy Kitchen Atmosphere

Custom Furniture and Kitchen Cabinetry is beginning to catch on due to it's cozy and welcoming feel. One of the hottest looks in kitchen cabinet design is the selection of one or two period pieces of cabinetry to add different kitchen cabinet paint colors to.

Incorporating the style of cabinet furniture, hardware and base cabinets begin to create a casual and homey feel throughout your kitchen. More and more today, custom furniture and kitchen cabinetry is being used as decoration. The trend of mismatched furniture in the living room had made it's way into the kitchen and cabinet manufacturers are trying to catch up with the demand. The look everyone is trying to achieve is a modern kitchen with commercial appliance convenience. This is softened with 'aged' custom furniture and kitchen cabinetry rolled up in one. The new slogan: high efficiency commercial equipment meets great grandmothers old serving table and hutch created in custom cabinetry.Design kitchen cabinets with two goals in mind: state of the art appliances, with cabinet door hardware sliding to the theme of the room while still maintaining ample space and flow throughout cabinets. This can all be accomplished while still keeping a warm cozy feel attained through the style of kitchen cabinet furniture.

Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors

The hardware used can also evoke a sense of antique kitchen cabinets. The special vintage kitchen cabinet finishes continue to grow in popularity. The cabinet glazing technique tends to be most pronounced on bold colors like black kitchen cabinets and red kitchen cabinets. The link below has several pieces that would fit well with tying together a period look kitchen with modern cabinetry.

Custom Furniture and Kitchen Cabinetry choices

Green kitchen cabinets are also coming on strong and are often used as accent pieces such as kitchen island cabinetry. Glazed green kitchen cabinet furniture or distressed black kitchen island cabinetry are popular choices paired up with maple kitchen cabinets or cherry kitchen cabinets. Likewise glazed white kitchen cabinets seem to complement natural cabinets or unfinished kitchen cabinetry. Even kitchen pantry cabinets can resemble grandmothers hutch with glass cabinet doors, hardware and shelves to round out the kitchen cabinet decor.

Mixing and matching kitchen cabinet paint colors on cabinet furniture, hardware and actual cabinets is becoming an accepted kitchen cabinet design idea today. Feel free to browse the kitchen cabinet pictures of cabinet paint ideas on the pages of this site to determine if the kitchen cabinet painting ideas on kitchen 'furniture' appeal to you.